Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of the Lake Fenton Community Schools Foundation?

To support and enhance projects for the Lake Fenton Community Schools by recognizing and funding individuals and groups where there is no funding or limited funding to support the desired activities. The activities will be judged on individual basis, with a view toward the over all benefits to the individual and the Lake Fenton Community Schools.

2. How will monies contributed to the foundation and monies from the endowment investments be distributed?

Funding for activities will be through the Grant Committee which is a sub-committee of the Lake Fenton Community Schools Foundation with the main purpose of over sight of grant awards and funds distribution. Grant applications are available and grant periods have been established. That information may be found Here

3. What is a permanent endowment?

In general, contributions made to the Lake Fenton Community Schools Foundation are not spent—they are invested for growth and only the earnings of the fund are dispersed through the grant system. Your money stays in the foundation!

4. How can I donate?

Cash or check directly to the Foundation

School employees are able to contribute through payroll deduction

Supporting the “Setting Sail” Performing Arts Series-profits from the series will go to the Foundation

Gifts in Kind-real estate, securities, life insurance

Gifts in Memory of ……………..

5. Why should I donate?

Your donation will stay in the Lake Fenton Schools to help fund projects that will not be funded without Foundation support

The Foundation needs to build the permanent endowment fund to allow for increasing funding

You get state and federal income tax benefits.