Mission, Vision, and Goals

District Vision

Lake Fenton Community Schools will educate all students to achieve their highest potential in a positive and safe environment. We commit to using a shared leadership approach to provide a student-centered focus throughout the district.

District Mission/Purpose Statement

Learning For Continuous Success (L.F.C.S.)

District Beliefs
  • Students learn best when our staff maintains high expectations for student learning and students are actively involved in their own learning.
  • The school district needs to be an enriched learning environment that responds to needs of the student as a whole person.
  • All children in our school building have an equitable opportunity to learn.
  • Rigorous school district curriculum needs to be integrated, continuous and exploratory.
  • Supportive school district and home environments are both necessary to give students the opportunity to develop their potential.

District Goals

Goal 1
Improve student achievement in all categories on standardized tests resulting in a top five ranking among Genesee County districts, with continued growth each year.
Goal 2
Maintain high standards for staff performance resulting in a 90% effective or higher rating based on annual comprehensive evaluation tools.
Goal 3
Maintain positive community, staff, family, and student relationships through effective communications resulting in a 90% satisfaction rating based on annual survey instruments.