Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child’s teacher use Accelerated Reader within the classroom?

Yes, all Torrey Hill teachers use AR with their students. However, the teachers have different expectations. The minimum expectation for the school is that all children will take at least one AR test/marking period. Please contact your child’s teacher for more information.

Can I check a database to see if some of our books at home are AR books?

Yes, please visit the link below to see the list of over 100,000 books! Our school has access to all of these quizzes! http://www.arbookfind.com/UserType.aspx

My child is having a difficult time passing the tests. What can I do to help him/her?

Contact your child’s teacher or visit our school library. Express your concerns to the teacher and maybe he/she can help in the book selection process. Parents/guardians play an important role in helping children with their book choices.

How often should my child be reading?

All children who attend Torrey Hill should read at least 15 minutes/night. However, some teachers require more. Please contact your child’s teacher to find out specifics.

Do the children have a chance to read AR books in school?

Yes, all teachers provide a silent reading time during the school day.

My child said that he/she finished the book but could not take the AR quiz until several days later.  Then, they did poorly on the quiz. What can I do to ensure that my child is taking the test in a timely manner?

Please let your child’s teacher know your concern! Students have the ability to take quizzes during the school day.