Safety Procedures

During these times of world distress and trouble, our focus turns to the safety and protection of our family members. Recent information has been provided to all public school systems regarding possible terrorist plots targeting school sites and buildings. The Lake Fenton Community School District wants to assure you that we are indeed prepared with a complete and very detailed Emergency Procedure Plan as well as a District Emergency Procedure Plan should any event of concern take place within our community.

  1. We want to take this time to inform you of a couple of procedures that will be followed should an emergency arise.
  2. If an emergency occurs during the school day, it is highly unlikely that any of the school buildings would dismiss students earlier than their respective scheduled dismissal times. With many parents working during the day or being away from the home, we would never release students without knowing for sure that an adult was present within the home.
  3. Should evacuation of the premises be necessary, our school buildings have accurate and detailed plans to ensure quick and swift action.
  4. If the need to keep the students for an extended period of time occurs, you would be able to either call the appropriate school building for furthering details.
  5. If you choose to pick up your student from school during an emergency situation, our sign out policy would remain in effect. You must sign your student out of school in the office. There is no exception to this procedure. We must be accountable for all students at all times. An immediate call to 911 will be placed to police officials should any parent disregard this procedure.
  6. We ask all parents and/or caregivers to remain calm during any emergzency. Coming into the school building in a panic only increases tension. Remain calm, under control, and follow all school procedures.

It is never ideal or fun to talk about these emergency procedures, but by being prepared and by staying informed, we will all be better equipped to handle such a situation should it arise. Again, if you have any questions or any concerns, please do not hesitate to call and talk to the appropriate building administrator.