As part of our school agreement with Microsoft, we are able to give all staff and students access to Office 365 which includes up to 5 installations (no CD available) of Microsoft Office for free for as long as they work at or attend the district. Microsoft Office can be installed on a Windows PC, Mac, iPad, or Android device.

Office 365 is the Microsoft version of Google Drive.

To setup your account and gain access to the software:

1. Go to

2. Click the “Find out if you’re eligible” link

3. Put in your school provided email address

4. Follow the link that was sent to your email to complete the registration


What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a web-based version of Microsoft's Office suite. Office 365 is delivered to users through the cloud and includes Exchange Online for email, SharePoint Online for collaboration, Lync Online for unified communications, and a suite of Office Web Apps, Web-based versions of the traditional Microsoft Office suite of applications. Office 365 Education user users also have the option of accessing the applications in Microsoft Office 2010 Professional free of charge.

What E-mail address do I use?
You use the student E-mail address provided by the school. It is in the format of

Do I have to do this in order for my student to be successful?
No. This is not required. We are offering it because we believe many families will find value in it .

Who do I contact with additional questions?
Please E-mail the Lake Fenton Director of Technology at

Microsoft's Frequently Asked Questions for Students