Click Here to Access the Remote Access Server

  • Click open when prompted to download a file.

  • Click allow if prompted.

  • Click connect when prompted.

  • Enter your username and password to logon.

  • (you may need to enter your username in the following format "lfcs.local\username" for example Tom Jones would be lfcs.local\tjones)

Browsers other than Internet Explorer may not be supported.

To connect using a device other than a Windows PC, download "Microsoft Remote Desktop" from the app store for your device. It is available for Macs, iOS (iPad/iPhone) and Android. 

Use the following parameters:
PC/Host Name: lfrd.lfcs.local
Username: lfcs.local\username
Gateway Server: (may be under additional options)

These services are for Lake Fenton Community Schools staff members only.