Thank you for visiting our T.H.I.S recess information page! We cannot overlook the importance of providing physical activities for our children throughout the school day. Below you will find our T.H.I.S. recess rules, rewards, consequences, resources and general information. You can also find out more information on discipline by reviewing our handbook.

General Information

  • Students have one recess per day and it lasts approximately 25 minutes. We do participate in a "recess before lunch" option as recommended by the national Wellness model.
  • Recess aides supervise the children while outside and while eating in the cafeteria. The principal alternates between the playground and lunchroom whenever possible.
  • A discipline referral (see below) is used for minor and major discipline offenses. When students make poor choices but do not require a referral, they may be asked to take "time out" by sitting on the outdoor bench or "quiet table" in the lunchroom.

Our School Rules:

  • T= Tolerance (Am I showing respect to everyone and being tolerant?)
  • H= Honesty (Am I telling the truth?)
  • I= Independence (Am I using my own mind and making my own decisions instead of following others?)
  • S= Safety (Am I being safe and not harming others?)


  • Golden Tickets are issued to students who follow the rules above. At least five students/day receive Golden Tickets! Golden Tickets can be redeemed in the front office for a variety of prizes in the treasure box.
  • "Caught You Being Good" recognition is shared with classrooms and individuals for showing positive behaviors.

Please see the sample of our Office Referral Form below:

Office Referral Form-DRAFT-subject to change

Staff Recommendation

Administrative Decision

___Loss of privilege___ Time in office___ Conference with student

___ Parent Contact (phone call)

____ Apology Note written

___ Individualized instruction___ In-School suspension (_________hours/days)___ Out of school suspension (________days)

____ Saturday School

____ Perform an act of kindness

___ Student needs “think” time

___ Other _______________________

Comments: _____________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________Parent Signature: _________________________ Date: __________

_____ Required _____ Not Required

Parent contact  Referral sent home  Phone call  Conference required

**All major problems require consequence, parent contact, and signature.


It takes all of us working together to keep our playgrounds safe and we appreciate your support. For additional information about proper playground behavior and promoting character education for our youth, feel free to visit the following website resources: